Chicago News Report Update:

The divorce trial for Guisseppe and Joanviet Burgess was held in Cook County family court today, where Guisseppe Burgess was awarded parental rights to his 3 children concerning their education, medical care, and where they can travel. The decision stated by the court that his wife Joanviet Burgess, a member of the House of Yahweh, in Abilene, Texas is prohibited by court order, from taking the 3 children, ages 3-7 to Texas to attend any activities of The House of Yahweh. The Judge in her decision stated on the record, that: “the House of Yahweh is not a place for spiritual enlightenment, but is a CULT!” She based her decision by weighing the information, and testimony, provided by both sides.

It was determined by the Cook County Court Judge that it would be dangerous for the children to attend the House of Yahweh, which it determined to be a CULT. Testimony revealed that the House of Yahweh has several male, Texas registered sex offenders, (James Fuller and Gary Don Risenhoover were two names entered into the court records) that attend church services and who are actively involved with young children at the compound. Another cult member, Tony Daniel Demetro who has been an active member since the 1970’s, was also mentioned as a sexual predator, who has molested young girls at the religious organization, but it was not known if he is on the sex offender registry. It was stated that he possibly has outstanding warrants in California.

Under intense questioning by attorneys, Joanviet’s testimony was incomplete, uncertain, and shaky in answering direct questions about particular aspects of the cult. Those who witnessed the trial stated that,” she gave false testimony concerning several known facts about the House of Yahweh!” One particular lie was that she didn’t know that Yedidiyah Hawkins was convicted for child molestation! Another lie was that she didn’t know the name of Yisrayl Hawkins wife! Joanviet stated to the court that in 10 years of attending services she
had only spoke to the Pastor once in person, which seemed very strange to those in attendance. After all, how many people attend church and never speak to their Pastor in 10 years, nor know the name of their Pastor’s wife? Testimony revealed a Pastor who has established himself as a God among his congregational members! His lack of fellowship among the congregation and his ability to keep distance from most of the members, who only can see him upon a set appointment, if he is willing to see them, shows the abnormal behavior of this cult leader!

Testimony revealed a religious, mafia styled organization, a bizarre religious mind control cult, that is highly secretive, overtly manipulative, and where members daily decisions are, controlled and directed, by their leader, Yisrayl Hawkins in every aspect of their daily lives.

She repeatedly emphasized, that the separation of the men from the women, in order to avoid direct contact between the sexes, and the strict Islamic dress code designated for the women, was to stop all the lustful men in the organization, from sexually sinning with other men’s wives and daughters!

When Joanviet was sworn in for her testimony, she corrected the courts officer, by
stating that she was swearing to tell the TRUTH, through the name of Yahweh, and not God. I guess
can conclude from the Judges decision, that Yahweh allowed the court decision concerning ALL testimony, to favor the TRUTH, which was not on Joanviet’s lips today! The scripture is clear; “liars will have no part in the Kingdom.”

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