In order to counter the factual information on our site, Yisrayl Hawkins loyal officials who promote his propaganda, had to put up a counter claim, information campaign, against what we are reporting here on this site. Of course this is to keep the loyal slaves from questioning, or doubting their god/messiah. He states on his website, that he is accused of being an Al Capone style leader, and denied these facts. Well then we challenge Yisrayl Hawkins to have a real Peace Conference, not one of his phony ones where the only ones in attendance are his congregation. We can have it on his home turf, in Abilene, Texas to examine all the facts, in a public format! We stand by our claim that Yisrayl Hawkins is an Al Capone, mafia styled, religious mafia god, and his organization is corrupt to the core! We believe from the facts gathered from years of research, that Yisrayl Hawkins is the self proclaimed, Godfather of the House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas. We can be contacted at 402-218-9530, or at the contact link on this website, to set up this much needed meeting at the Abilene Public Library, to clear up your misunderstandings. The general public is invited to attend and be a spectator of the facts that will be presented! So put your money where your mouth is, Yisrayl Hawkins!!! Yisrayl Hawkins, come forward and let’s address what you call rumors and gossip and we call facts and let the testimonies, be the witness of the whole truth! Themanbehindthename is ready, willing, and able to counter your lies with truth and facts! ARE YOU, YISRAYL HAWKINS ready to defend your lies and deceptive propaganda? I doubt it!!!

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