It has been some time since we have added any news about the HOY. Yisrayl Hawkins has kept up his preaching about how Christians are leaving the churches. This week was no different same propaganda about how the churches are losing members because as he says, “they are tired of the lies.” However, he fails to mention that these members aren’t losing their religion, but instead are moving in other religious directions! And he also fails to mention that in his church, members are also leaving, but worse some are committing suicide! Now TheManBehindTheName asks Yisrayl Hawkins, “why are your people leaving and killing themselves?”

Our condolences go to his son, Brandon, and the family!

Also Billy Davis (a.k.a. Obadyah Davis Hawkins) left the HOY in April, 2015. He had been a member for over 20 years. He brought his wife and children there back in the 90’s. His reason stated to us, was that he grew tired of the doctrines that didn’t line up with the bible. He also started to put that pieces of the puzzle together! He stated his wife, Faith who died last year, was another catalyst for his decision to leave. Faith had dedicated her whole life, since she joined the HOY with Billy, to being a slave to Yisrayl Hawkins and she was literally worked to death at the cafeteria, working 7 days a week, 12+hours a day! When she had a heart attack last year, she refused to go to the hospital, because of the indoctrination of the HOY, that hospitals are evil and if you go to one, you are not trusting in Yisrayl Hawkins teachings! When she came to the HOY, Yisrayl Hawkins would not let Billy and Faith live together in the same house, he was told he needed to provide her a place and financially provide for her, but they could not be together as husband and wife! They abided by these guidelines set by Yisrayl Hawkins until her death!

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